Enquiry Management

Efficiently manage and track enquiries with streamlined enquiry management software.

Follow-up & Reminders

Stay organized and never miss important tasks with built-in follow-up and reminder features in the software.

Faculty Management

Efficiently manage faculty-related tasks and information using dedicated faculty management features in the software.

Staff Login Access

Grant secure login access to staff members, ensuring personalized and controlled usage of the software's features.

Admission Management

Simplify and streamline the admission process with dedicated student management features in the software.

Exam Schedular

Effectively manage exam schedules and timetables with the help of institute management software.

Student Records

Maintain and manage comprehensive student records with ease using the student management feature in the software.

Student Login

Enable secure login access for students, allowing personalized and controlled usage of the software's features and resources.

Online Tests

Conduct online tests and assessments seamlessly using the integrated online testing app linked with the software.

Fees Management

Efficiently handle and manage fees with ease using the dedicated option in the software. And track the student fees easily.

Real Time Reports

Access up-to-date and instant reports in real time, providing valuable insights and data analysis.

Attendance Records

Recording students' presence for tracking attendance, monitoring academic progress, and ensuring compliance with educational requirements.

Inventory Management

Efficiently managing and tracking the availability, procurement, storage, and distribution of resources within an educational institute.

Accounts Management

Maintaining financial records, handling transactions, budgeting, and reporting for effective management of finances within an institute.

Results Management

Recording, processing, and analyzing students' academic performance data for effective management and reporting of their results.

Course Management

Organizing, scheduling, and overseeing the delivery, enrollment, and administration of courses within an educational institute.

Certificate Printing

Generating and producing official certificates for students as recognition of their accomplishments and completion of programs.

Study Notes

Concise written materials summarizing key information to aid in studying, reviewing, and retaining academic content.

Payment Receipts

Software can help you to issued to students as evidence of payment for fees, tuition, or other educational expenses incurred.

Role-based access control

Implements role-based access control (RBAC) to ensure authorized access to the software and its features.